WElcome babe!

Glow Bar is a boutique space in the heart of Bondi Beach delivering bespoke beauty rituals for a lifestyle made easy. Being a Glow Getter is all about being your best self! You’re an individual and don’t want to look like the masses. You have a lot to do and want to put your best self forward each day with minimal effort, what we call effortless beauty. Our space is all about helping you to achieve that! We love the confidence we enjoy from a flawless Spray Tan, bespoke brows and lush lash lifts and tints. The ability to look great without time consuming morning routines!

Our brand is a lifestyle brand. We want to find the best of the best and deliver them to you! Anything that makes our life that little bit easier, we want to share it with you! We have taken a step away from the tradition beauty salon and focused our talents on what we’re great at and what we know makes a difference in our day to day life!

Glow Bar founder and head Glow Getter, Jess

Glow Bar founder and head Glow Getter, Jess

About Jess

Glow Bar was founded by me, Jess, a lifelong Bondi local. As a fair skinned babe I know the importance of Sun Safety only too well. The confidence I enjoy from the treatments Glow Bar offers is something I want to share with you all! SPECIALLY our beautiful Spray Tans! The confidence that comes from a spray tan is second to none and I have personally enjoyed a spray tan every week of my life since I was 18! I founded Glow Bar because I was sick of having to pay exorbitant prices to get access to consistently great treatments, that I knew were safe and free from nasties. I want to offer the best of the best without the hefty price tag because I genuinely believe that each babe deserves the best of the best! I hope you love your time at Glow Bar and I sincerely hope you feel as amazing as I do, with your treatment!