Welcome to Glow bar

A boutique space in the heart of Bondi Beach delivering you bespoke beauty rituals for a lifestyle made easy!

The Glow Getter is an individual. She’s got a lot going on and she wants to be apart of it all. She wants to look like herself and not like the masses. She wants to put her best self forward everyday, with minimal effort, what we call effortless beauty. She wants quality and peace of mind without the hefty price tag. She shines from within, she’s confident and she knows what she wants… Well, Mostly.

Glow Bar is an inclusive space for you to check out of reality, for just a moment. Our treatments are time efficient without ever compromising on quality. We use Australian brands that are safe, free from nasties and always cruelty free.

The confidence that comes from a flawless Spray Tan. Lush lashes from a Glow Bar lash lift and tint. The sexy sleekness you feel after a fresh brow wax and tint. We’ve designed them all to help you get about your business looking fab and staying fresh, from the beach to the bars or from your coffee to cocktails. Our treatments are designed to make a difference in your day to day life, the way they do ours!


Meet Jess

HEY! My name is Jess & I proudly founded and continue to run Glow Bar in my home town Bondi where I was born and raised! My desire to create a space where babes could get access to quality products & treatments, in a space you know is clean, without a giant price tag, continues to be one of my biggest drivers. I pride my self and Glow Bar on being a space for you to enjoy treatments that make a difference in your day to day life! Personally I enjoy a Spray Tan every week & have done so since the age of 18! I tint my brows and lashes every month and enjoy a lash lift when required! They honestly are the just the best! All the treatments and products I offer in my studio, along with other brands or treatments I recommend here & on our social accounts genuinely make a difference in my day to day life, and my overall well being. I am SO excited to continue sharing them all with you!



Michelle is also an Eastern Suburbs local and used to treat Jess while working at another salon in Coogee. Michelle has a keen passion for all things beauty & is amazing at creating a calm and relaxed space for you to enjoy you treatment & switch off. Michelle loves making sure you look and feel your best when you leave us & just wait till you enjoy you a little hand massage during your lash & brow treatments…. You can thank us later!