Brow tint

Brow Tinting is the process of colouring your brows so your brows appear fuller & thicker, & you see their beautiful shape. Often brows can naturally be quite fair, may have gaps, can fade as we age or spend time in the sun & can also naturally be a range of different colours. All of these things take away from your brows fullness and shape. A brow tint is perfect for anyone wanting thicker looking & more evenly coloured brows, or a change of colour. A brow tint can often remove the need for filling your brows in & also helps to define the overall shape and look of your brows.

We have a range of 10 tint colours so we can be as natural or creative as you like, & you only need 3 - 10 minutes for you colour to show. We choose to use Belmacil for our tinting perfection as they deliver rich radiant results and are suitable for those with sensitive skin!

Please arrive ready to start your treatment including removing any makeup you have on your brow area.

If it is your first visit to Glow Bar we ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so we can conduct a brief consultation with you.

We recommend getting your brows tinted every 4 weeks, or as required.

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Each individual has a brow zone which is the area, shape, length, start & finishing point of your brows. Each brow is as unique as each individual & therefore requires individual treatment and attention. Grooming your brows to a shape that works for your face & your facial features is key, as your brows frame your face and can change your overall look. You hair removal appointment will start with a mapping of your brow zone to ensure we only remove the hairs we want to.

We choose to use Lycon Australia Hot wax. It is the worldwide number 1 wax and is formulated with the finest resins, pure beeswax, and tenuous aromatherapy and natural plain oils. It works best at a lower temperature too which means it is more gentle on the skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Brow Grooming

A brow groom is for anyone who has not tended to their brows for longer than 4 weeks, anyone who is looking to reshape their brows, or anyone who has unruly or particularly full brows, needs hairs to be trimmed or needs a little extra love or grooming.

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Brow Tidy

A Brow Tidy is for anyone who needs a quick tidy up of their brows & to remove the excess hairs sitting outside your brow zone.

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