Peace of Mind..

Everything we choose to use & sell at Glow Bar is free from toxins & nasties & is ALWAYS Cruelty Free! Jess tests everything prior to introducing it to Glow Bar guests to ensure it stands the test of time, quality and is budget friendly!

What we’re all about…

We have years of experience in receiving & delivering the treatments on offer & we want to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible!

Firstly, for those who haven’t tried us yet we understand how daunting it can be to try somewhere new! When you arrive as a first time guest of Glow Bar, we will conduct a consultation with you to ensure we understand what you’re after from your treatment, & to give you a chance to ask us any questions. We will also talk you through what we will do so you know what to expect from your time with us.

**If it is your first visit to Glow Bar, please ensure you arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. don’t forget to allow time for TRAFFIC & parking!**

We Have A Non-Negotiable Checklist when we select the brands and products we choose to work with, to ensure there are no nasties and nothing harmful or dangerous. Where possible we always choose organic. This makes ALL of our treatments safe for all babes including those of us who are pregnant, breast feeding or have sensitive skin!

Glow Bar will only ever use, sell or recommend cruelty free brands and products.

We know you’re busy! Our experience, attention to detail and top of the line products mean you can enjoy glowing treatments without taking too much time from your day & without feeling rushed.

Your bespoke treatment will be conducted in a private room that is clean, calm, temperature controlled, safe and inviting.

We understand flawless results are what you’re after! We’ll record all your bespoke treatment details in your private Guest profile, so you’ll always enjoy the same flawless results!

Sometimes you just need to chill & not speak. Request a mindful session when you arrive, & your treatment will be completed in calm mindful quiet.

We know its important that you’re able to manage your schedule & your time yourself, so appointments can be made & managed by you, online. Any day. Any time.

We want you to weekend on your weekend, so we start midday through the week but we work later into the night so you can see us after the 9-5 day is done! We’re open all day Saturday too so there is always time for those last minute bookings!

We have a range of specially curated retail products to nourish your skin & maintain your treatment results. EVERYTHING we offer has been sourced, trialled and tested by Jess to ensure its ongoing quality, ease of use and budget friendly!

We are a busy studio and often seeing babes through back to back appointments. We respect your time, & work hard to be on time for you and your visit with us. Out of respect for guests after you, please be sure to book a time you can comfortably make including time for traffic and to find parking, please arrive on time (5 minutes early if it is your first visit to Glow Bar) & be ready to start your appointment. We really appreciate it!